Checklist for Moving to a New House: Packing Tips

Relocating, whether it be to a house around the corner or to a house across the country is not easy. It can be difficult and frustrating and come with many stresses should the correct preparation and plants not be made. Fortunately for all with house moves coming up, today we are going to be listing […]

Portable Buildings: Just Some of the Amazing Uses

Portable buildings are available in a whole range of sizes, styles and designed from reputable suppliers such as In the majority of circumstances portable buildings do not have to comply with the same planning restrictions as permanent structures. They are also durable, long-lasting and cost-effective, so it isn’t really a surprise that many people […]

Growing Your Business with Digital Marketing

Struggling to grow your business? Not hitting targets? There is no need to worry because with digital marketing you’re able to boost sales and grow your business. There are plenty of marketing strategies which you can choose from, for example search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) and social media marketing (SMM). Digital marketing […]

Benefits of Soil-Free (Hydroponic) Gardening

For those of you who are still unsure what hydroponic growing entails – It is a method of growing plants that eliminates the need for soil. Instead of soil being used, people gardening in this way instead use nutrient rich waters and solutions that goes directly to the plants roots. This form of gardening is […]

Maximise the safety in your office

With health and safety becoming increasingly tighter, it is more important than ever to ensure your office complies with every rule. In the case of emergencies or any form of accident, health and safety will be checked. Performing risk assessments regularly can really help to ensure that you have things under control, identifying things that […]

Don’t Struggle with Your Storage

There is nothing more stressful than downsizing a property or selling a property and having nowhere to put all your belongings. The first thing people think is, ‘I will sell anything I don’t want or need storage’ but it isn’t that easy. Selling your belongings isn’t a quick option and you will still be stuck […]

Five Ways to Make Your Little Garden Look Fabulous

This year, many, many small garden owners have taken the plunge and taken steps to make their gardens look great, or at least they have thought about it! For those of you that are still in the thinking stages, and are perhaps struggling to decide upon the ways to best utilise your space, here are […]

Get a new home this 2016… With no moving required!

Many people go forward into The New Year with a number of aspirations and projects, desiring to feel revitalised and ready for a change. For some people, this includes looking to move house – after all, what could be more complementary to a new outlook than a new place altogether! Yet do not worry: it […]

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